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Just something to think about; David's Dance

My family and I have been studying in 2 Samuel lately and read about how David danced before the Lord. He did this out of joy of what God had done and to honor him, but when his wife saw this, she became jealous and told him how silly he looked. David spoke to her and mentioned how he didn’t care and would gladly look foolish to honor God.

This made me wonder would I be willing to do the same. Am I, as a child of God willing to do what looks strange or even stupid in the eyes of the world simply to bring glory and be obedient to God?

How many times as Christians, do we hear God tell us what to do, but we are so afraid of how we are going to look to everyone else, that we just ignore what God says and do nothing. This is very wrong, in fact James 4:17 says Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

So, there for if it’s a sin to know what to do and not fallow it, how will we not answer for this on judgement day? On that day it’s not going to matter if our friends thought we were stupid or how popular we were or even what the world thinks at all, they won’t be there to defend us. All that will matter on that day is if we were obedient to God’s word. I believe we should pray to be more like King David and worry more what God thinks than man. Just something to think about and if you want to read it for yourself look up 2 Samuel 6:14-22.

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